A Sweet Break
A Sweet Break
A Sweet Break
A Sweet Break
A Sweet Break
A Sweet Break
A Sweet Break
A Sweet Break
A Sweet Break

A Sweet Break

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The perfect gift to celebrate Ramadan with family and friends! Great for Iftar hosts and other Ramadan events. 

Collection includes:

Chukar Cherries Honey Pecan x 1

Honey-roasted praline pecans doused in premium milk chocolate and dusted with powdered sugar

Fatty Sundays Chocolate and Sprinkles covered Pretzels x 1 

Modernized pretzel rods bathed in chocolate and clothed in sprinkles

Georgetown Pantry Supply Raw Wildflower Honey Jar (3 oz) x 1

100% pure, unfiltered, raw from the state of Washington
*Not suitable for children under one

Maury Island Blackberry-Raspberry Jam (5.5 oz) x 1
Bright, berry flavored jam with a rich, fruity undertone

Oasis Date Gardens Khadrawy Dates (~0.5 lb) x 1

Soft, and figgy-like flavored dates (with pits) from the Coachella Valley in California

Swarovski® Tasbih x 1
Premium 33-bead tasbih hand crafted with Swarovski® pearls and Swarovski® crystals (Note: filigree beads and tassel are not from Swarovski®)

Unna Bakery Cookies x 1
Award-winning, indulgent Swedish cookies. 8 cookies in a box. Select one from four flavors: Cardamom Crisp, Coconut Oat, Vanilla, Raspberry Jam Drop

Box and packaging 
A sleek, luxurious, matte, black box with the outer logo and inner definition in gold foil. Items cushioned atop black crinkle paper and covered in red tissue. Shipped in a protective USPS Priority Mail box