Salaam Giftery™ was born from the realization that gift giving, particularly for Muslims in America, was not easy. Standard gift baskets from department stores or local shops often contained items that were not halal, such as wine, alcohol, meat cuts, etc. If a basket did contain all halal items, they were usually from common and easily accessible brands.

At Salaam Giftery™, our goal is to make gift giving easy. Whether you want to gift it to a family member, or a speaker at an interfaith event, or just to celebrate the little moments in life, you will find something that fits the occasion.

We strive to bring you curated gift boxes that contain halal items that are of high quality, taste wonderful, and are aesthetically pleasing. Our individually selected items all come from companies that are reputable and/or have had some sort of recognition in their field. We have personally tasted and tested each item to ensure that what we sell is genuinely good. 

With Salaam Giftery™, you can rest assured that whoever receives the gift will be impressed with not only the quality of the items, but also the sleek and elegant presentation overall. We hope that with your support, Salaam Giftery™ will continue to grow and offer more collections.